Nadhat is an expansion card in pHAT format that brings you all the features of the SIM800C module on your Raspberry Pi microcomputer. You communicate directly over the Internet via a ppp adapter or exchange SMS with Gammu wherever you are, without real limitation* on the amount of data and unrivaled radio coverage.


This solution combines the full flexibility of the Linux operating system with the richness of its opensource software library, combined with an uncompromised WAN wireless communication interface in a very compact format, and a very tight budget.


(*) compared to a Lora or Sigfox solution


Two versions available on


39.90 €

SIM800C module in compatible pHAT format:

- GPRS internet connection with pppd

- send / receive SMS with Gammu

- API for programming in Python

Nadhat BT

41.90 €

All the features of NadHAT with:

Bluetooth* supported profile AD2P and SPP



(*) requires a 2.45GHz antenna not included



Find all our open source codes on GitHub

Nadbian Lite


Nadbian Lite is a ready-to-use distribution

for the NadHAT card.

 more infos : distribution-nadbian-lite-uk




Download NadHAT v1 fact-sheet



Nadhat is particularly suitable for video surveillance applications. Combined with a Raspberry Pi Zero card with its camera module and Motion software, NadHAT can send you the picture of the scene wherever you are by MMS on your mobile phone.